A prehistoric man camp site discovered in Dagestan

DAGESTAN, September 13, Caucasus Times – A Russian Academy of Science archeological expedition researching at an ancient site nearby Arany of Khunzag district in Dagestan traces of Mesolithic culture said they discovered a large camp of prehistoric men there.

Caucasus Times correspondent quoted the archaeologists as saying scores of flint tools manufactured by ancient man had been found at the site by a local historian, enthusiast and director of Khunzag Creative Center for children Mohammed Rajabov who has been aiding the scholars during the research together with his students. At total the scholars have collected over a hundred of manufactured flint tools related to Mesolithic period culture (roughly about 12 thousand years ago), such as flint borers, scrapes, arrowheads, flakes etc, which obviously evidenced the presence of ancient man in the Caucasus.

So far, the scholars said the large ancient men camp has appeared to be the second finding of the Russian expedition. The archaeologists had discovered lately a similar ancient camp site of Mesolithic men in the vicinity of Chokh village in Dagestan.

Abdul Suleymanov, Caucasus Times, Makhachkala

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