A new arms cache has been found

INGUSHETIA, 20 January, Caucasus Times – Another arms and ammunition cache was found during investigative measures on the administrative border with Chechnya in Ingushetia’s Sunzhenskiy District on 19 January, the Ingush Interior Ministry has told The Caucasus

According to the staff of the Sunzhenskiy District Department of Internal Affairs, who carried out the operation to seize the weapons, the munitions were buried under the ground several metres from the border with the Chechen village of Sernovodskaya. Six projectiles to a grenade-thrower, four land mines, 15 kg of ammoniac saltpetre, two TNT charges weighing 200 grams each, 3 kg of home-made explosives, batteries to a Kenwood walkie-talkie, 10 kg pieces of metal cables, masks and four sets of camouflage clothing were found in the cache.

According to the detectives, the contents of the cache are a standard military set used by bandits for committing acts of terrorism. “Along with that, we do not rule out that this is a secret base of criminals operating on Ingush territory under the guise of employees of the law-enforcement agencies,” a staff member of the Sunzhenskiy District Department of Internal Affairs believes. “At present, our members of staff are taking measures to establish and detain those who could own this cache,” he said.

Malika Suleymanova, Caucasus Times, Ingushetia

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