A murder in a marketplace of Ordzhonikidze village

In the evening of April 29, a resident of Chechnya was killed at the entrance of local market.

Customers passing by and sellers of the outdoor market became eyewitnesses of the scene.

As they said the murdered man was shot in back while he was getting into his car by unknown gunmen driven up to the place in two vehicles. He failed to pull out his pistol and finally was shot dead by AK semiautomatic rifle. They got away immediately .

Later, the killed appeared to be Rezvan Magomedov, a resident of Chechnya. He died due to fatal wounds. No one else suffered.

According to officials of interior ministry of Ingushetia Magomedov attempted armed robbing a taxi driver and was killed by him. The interior ministry of Ingushetia reported an investigation of crime is being conducted.

Malica Bagayeva, Ingushetia, Caucasus Times

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