A blast occurred in a residential district in Nazran of Infushetia

On July 24, an explosive device went off in a residential district of Nazran nearby an official building.

The explosion damaged the republic’s collection office, all the windows were blown in. Experts said the bomb had explosive charge at about 200 grams of TNT. The police said that the explosive went off deep into the night (3 a.m. Moscow time) so fortunately there were no civilian casualties.

A group of police detectives have been conducting investigate into the case. The police has offered a version of the incident saying the proceeds collectors might be possibly targeted by suspected robbers.

Nevertheless, law enforcement agencies do not leave out of consideration a terror act. “We suppose a terrorist group might be operating in the republic to destabilize the political situation here,” said a police officer. “We are in pursuit of such extremists. We do no exclude that several bombings in the republic were carried out by that group.”

Malika Bagayeva, Ingushetia Caucasus Times

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