50 thousand Chechen refugees according to migration control service stay in Ingushetia

INGUSHETIA, August 17, Caucasus Times – According to the latest report there are over 46 thousand of internally displaced persons from Chechnya still reside in Ingushetia, Caucasus Times correspondent citing the Department of migration control of the republic.

“For now, we have 46.677 citizens of the Chechen Republic in Ingushetia registered by our department as internally displaced persons. Largely, 32.425 of them, staying in the republic rent private houses, the remainder, 14.252 of refugees live elsewhere in the places of compact residence and different temporary settlements in Ingushetia,” said the migration control service.

Roughly the same figure registered Danish Council on refugees, an influential international organization providing refugees with food and facilities. In August there were 48 250 Chechen citizens in Ingushetia according to the organization report. “Meanwhile, the number has reduced recently because the people keep on leaving Ingushetia and moving back home almost every day. For the past month, at least 3 thousand of them have left Ingushetia”, the refugee Council office in Ingushetia said.

“It’s true, many refugees were leaving Ingushetia after the late attack of insurgents in Ingushetia. Partly, the migration of people was caused by local authorities, the police, migration control service tough measures who were in their turn trying to take a chance to force as many as possible Chechen refugees out from Ingushetia,” said an executive of Memorial human rights office in Nazran in his interview with Caucasus Times correspondent. “As of now, the number of refugees fleeing to Chechnya reduced lately. Probably, it is due to normalization of the situation in Ingushetia and the presidential election in Chechnya” the rights activist said.

Malika Suleymanova, Caucasus Times, Indushetiya

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