11 rebels have been liquidated in Stavropol Krai village of Tukui-Mekteb; search for the rest of the rebels is going on

STAVROPOL KRAI, 10 February, Caucasus Times. Quoting sources in the local Interior Office, Interfax reports that eight rebels have been liquidated in Stavropol krai village of Tukui-Mekteb as a result of a special operation. Three more rebels have been killed after a special operation in the course of combing a neighboring locality. According to the source, in total, 11 militants have been killed.

At the same time, law enforcement agencies report that some militants managed to escape, but they have been blocked and will be liquidated.

Administration of Tukui-Mekteb village informed that 300 local residents have been evaquated from the village. All local institutions and organizations are currently not functioning.

Caucasus Times

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