Young journalists’ club set up in Chechnya

CHECHNYA, 7 December, Caucasus Times: The club has been set up to train professional journalists in Chechnya able to work both in the Russian and Western mass media outlets, the committee for young people of Chechnya has told our Caucasus Times correspondent.

Members of the club are planning to hold regular seminars with involvement of experts, journalists and leading Russian politicians.

The parliament of the Chechen Republic will provide every help for the future work of the club, the deputy speaker of the lower chamber of the Chechen parliament, Said Yusupov, said.

In addition to Yusupov, the opening ceremony was attended by the deputy minister of ethnic policy, press and information, Vasiliy Svetlichnyy; the chairman of the youth parliament, Khozha Khaladov; students of the journalism department of Chechen State University; community workers, and representatives of the committee for young people.

Zelimkhan Yakhikhanov, who is a well-known journalist in Chechnya and coordinator of the Chechen regional branch of the all-Russia association of journalists Mediakratiya, was elected secretary of the club.

Said Yusupov and Khozha Khaladov became members of the guardian council, and the speaker of the People’s Assembly of the Chechen Republic [lower chamber of parliament], Dukvakha Abdurakhmanov, became chairman.

Abdulla Istamulov, president of the SK-Strategiya strategic research centre is the initiator of establishing the club.

It is planned to work out a project of the charter of the club as well as high priority measures at the next session.

Bulat Tamaev, Grozny, Caucasus Times

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