“Voice of Beslan” asks Aushev to give his evidence to the court in Kulaev’s case

INGUSHETIA, 7 February, Caucasus Times. Public organization “Voice of Beslan” has addressed ex-president of Ingushetia Ruslan Aushev urging him to appear before the court and to give his evidence in case of Nurpasha Kulaev – a terrorist invloved in the capture of Beslan school # 1. Ella Kesaeva, representative of “Voice of Beslan”, announced this address to journalists on Tuesday.

“As a person, who managed to get into contact with the terrorists and even to penetrate into the territory of a school, you, without any doubt, have information, which can shed some light on important circumstances of this tragedy. Moreover, we do hope that neiher judge, nor representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office can be able to ignore this information taking into account Your authority”, – address emphasized.

Representatives of “Voice of Beslan” expressed their hope that Ruslan Aushev would respond to their request.

Caucasus Times

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