To maintain grain market prices the republic needs 100 million rubles

ADYGEIYA, October 16, Caucasus Times – The republic stocks of grain need additional 15 tons of grain the market prices to be maintained. The shortage is due to a bad harvest caused by this year drought.

The local authorities have decreed to sell forage grain to purchase grain for bread, Shrahmet Skhalyaho, the minister of agriculture said in his interview with the Caucasus Times correspondent.

However, the possible proceeds of the sale of forage grain could be sufficient to ensure minimal needs in bread only till December. The republic stock of grain needs additional 12,500 tons of grain. Considering the prices at grain market the ministry should obtain extra 60 million rubles. Besides, 38,5 millions are about to be paid out as compensatory money for grain farmers to restraint of the prices in the grain market at a present level.

Larissa Hakuz, Caucasus Times, Adygheiya

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