There will be no free dwelling available in Kabardino-Balkaria

KABARDINO-BALKARIA. 18 January, Caucasus Times. On Tuesday in the republican governmental house a session was conducted, which discussed the perspectives of the implementation of the national project “Accessible Housing for Russian citizens”.

Gennadii Gubin, Prime Minister of Kabardino-Balkaria in his introductory speech informed that 4.9 thousands of people in the republic are currently living in ramshackle buildings that urgently need repair while 4.5 of people are living in the hostels. More than 14.9 thousands of families are waiting for their turn to improve their living conditions.

As participants of the session stressed, the main aim is to be included into the federal program “Accessible housing for Russian citizens” and to receive necessary resources.

Adib Abregov, Acting Minister of Construction and Communal Infrustructure, is hoping that according to rough estimates republic will get around 650 million rubles from the federal budget. Acting Minister also said that citizens should be openly informed that there will be no accessibe free housing available any more with the exception of some categories of the population.

Boris Endreev, Chairman of commercial bank “Nalchik” and parliamentary deputy of Kabardino-Balkaria compared the situation in construction sphere of the republic with the “moon landscape”. In his opinion, in order to save republican construction compex, it is necessary to “change our mindset and start working in Moscow” since republic does not have its own resources sufficient to finance housing construction. He was also quite sceptical about mortgage since low living standards don’t allow the population to use mortgage.

Inga Babaeva, Nalchik, CaucasusTimes

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