The government of Dagestan resigns

DAGESTAN, October 13, Caucasus Times – Today, the State Council of Dagestan unanimously voted to accepted resignation of the republic’s government.

Earlier, prime-minister Heizry Shihsaidov had applied for the retirement and according to the republic’s Constitution the cabinet was dismissed as well. The ministers will be fulfilling their duties until the new government is formed.

Many comentators the resignation was due to recent visit of Russian State Duma commission to the republic, which had revealed numerous cases of money embezzlement in Dagestan..

Mr. Shihsaidov said he was thinking over the move before he decided to resign. He said he would be willing to have another job where he could be more useful for the republic.

As the governor of Dagestan Mohamedali Mohammedov said the ex-prime minister had agreed to assume the chairman office of independent accountants committee of Dagestan.

The State Council will recommend the lower chamber of parliament to approve the nomination of Atai Atayev as the new head of the government of Dagestan.

Rashid Kaplanov, Makhachkala, Caucasus Times

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