The case of Kazakh oligarch Ablyazov was brought to court in Russia

Prague. 16 June. The Prosecutor General’s Office approved the indictment on the criminal case against Mukhtar Ablyazov, a former chairman of the board of directors of BTA Bank, Roman Solodchenko, a chairman of the same bank, as well as their subordinates Artur Trofimov, Igor Kononko, Tatyana Paraskevich, Anatoly Ereshchenko and Alexander Udovenko. 

They are accused of committing crimes under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, part 4, article 159 (large-scale property theft through fraud by an organized group), part 3, article 174.1 (legalization of property obtained as a result of a crime), as well as paragraphs ‘a’ and ‘b’ of part 3, article 165 (causing particularly serious damage through fraud by an organized group).

According to the investigation, the defendants stole more than 58 billion rubles from BTA Bank in 2006-2009. Alexander Kurennoy, the official representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office, said that the accused issued loans secured by land plots, which were purchased with borrowed funds. Subsequently, Mr. Ablyazov and the accessories illegally terminated mortgage contracts. As a result, the bank lost the opportunity to foreclose on mortgaged property as the offenders used the property at their discretion, including sales to third parties. In addition, by means of cession agreements, the accomplices transferred the right to claim funds for a number of loans issued by BTA Bank to the companies under their control. As a result, these companies obtained the monetary funds due to the bank.

The Prosecutor General’s Office of France as well as other countries refused to extradite the accused, therefore the Domodedovo City Court of Moscow region will consider the criminal case against them in absentia (land plots under dispute are located on the territory of Moscow region).

In Kazakhstan, Mr. Ablyazov was sentenced in absentia to 20 years in prison for embezzling $ 7 billion from BTA Bank. In addition, last year he was sentenced to life imprisonment for organizing the murder of Yerzhan Tatishev, his business partner.


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