School seizer in Beslan raised fears in North Caucasus republics

September 1, Caucasus Times – Local officials ordered to let students of local schools in Stavropol Territory leave right after the news on Beslan school seizer came. Local police were charged round-the-clock duty to guard all educational institutions, Caucasus Times correspondent reports citing the regional Interior Ministry press service.

Police patrols should check any suspicious person at schools, institutions. The traffic patrols will conduct thorough checks of vehicles.

Hostage taking tragedy unfolding in Ossetia shocked Kabardino-Balkariya. The news came while the republic population had been celebrating 280th anniversary of Nalchik. The local state-run television showed angry commentaries on the event, Caucasus Times correspondent in Nalchik reported. The authorities have called off all festivals in the city. Law enforcement agents tightened security around vulnerable object, public places, regional Interior Ministry said.

Ingushetia’s Interior Ministry said the local police conduct security measures checking vehicles on the roads, patrolling official buildings and schools. Law enforcement agencies of Chechen republic reinforced the units at the administrative border with North Ossetia. Special task forces are on round-the-clock duty, Caucasus Times correspondent in Grozny reports citing an Interior Ministry officer.

Caucasus Times

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