Representatives of law enforcement agencies claim that terrorist act against the leadership of Dagestan has been prevented

DAGESTAN, 10 November, Caucasus Times. Press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan informed CaucasusTimes correspondent that militiamen have found five home-made explosive devices in one of the houses in the village of Okhli in Levashi disrict of Dagestan. Power of the explosive devices was from 10 to 12 TNT. The home-made mines were constructed as pails filled with demolition explosives and fragments. The owner of the house is detained. At present, interrogation is going on.

In the opinion of the representatives of law enforcement agencies, the criminals were planning to use explosive devices on 3 November during Kurban-Bairam celebration on the road which is usually used by the cortege of the leaders of Dagestan. However, due to unknown reasons terrorist act was adjourned till 12 November when international wrestling tournament under the auspices of the Chairman of State Council of Dagestan is scheduled to take place in Levashi.

Caucasus Times

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