Putin vows to tighten controll over North Caucasus

President Putin addressing to Russian citizens in his Saturday televised statement said the bandits’ goal was to sow ethnic enmity between the North Caucasus peoples to set off bloodshed feuds in the region.

“We are dealing with direct intervention of international terror against Russia. We are obliged to establish a much more effective system of security, to demand from our law enforcement agencies actions more appropriate to the level an scope of the newly emerged threats” Mr. Putin said.

He said a more effective anti-crises joint command must be established in the country offering new approaches to the activity of the law enforcement agencies.

These emergency measures and efforts, he said, would strengthen the unity of Russia. Then, establish new system of interaction of forces and means controlling the situation on North Caucasus to respond to crises. Mr. Putin emphasized all those measures would be in complete agreement with the constitution of the country.

Meanwhile, the latest immediate reports available, officials put the death toll at 330, largely children and those were not final figures. Monday and Tuesday were announced mourning days in Russia.

The death toll in Beslan school storm reached 330.
Recently, another seven victims of the late terror act have died in local hospitals due to grave wounds, Caucasus Times correspondent reports from the scene citing the hospital officials. Emergency workers recovered 323 bodies in the wreckage of the school collapsed building. As of now the officials put the number of victims killed at 330 people.

In morgues at least 200 bodies were identified by relatives of perished hostages.

Caucasus Times

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