Prosecutors charge top officials with budget money embezzlement on a Deloitte&Touche case

ADYGEIYA, September 22, Caucasus Times – A criminal case on budget money embezzlement according to Russian legislation has been instituted by local Prosecutor’s office lately. The accusations followed the results of examination conducted by officers of the audit enforcement committee of the program of social and economic development worked out by Deloitte Touche firm financed from the budget of the republic. The company was reimbursed generously, the prosecution officers said, and was paid five million rubles ($173.000) according to agreement between the company and the republic’s government signed in 2003, the Prosecutor’s office told Caucasus Times correspondent.

However, the officers probing into the case insist the project presented by the company did not meet the requirements an was not an economic development program as such. The CT correspondent quoted the prosecutor’s executive officer Andrey Fotin as saying, the investigation would throw light on some top officials’ involvement in the case, namely the former prime-minister Gennady Mikitchura. The prosecution officer alleged some officials had entered into illegal collision with the company. The version yet has to be proved.

Larisa Hakouz, Caucasus Times, Maykop

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