Presidential Council established to maintain Adyghe language in Adygheiya

Khazret Sovemen, the president of Adygheiya has signed yesterday a
decree to establish the Cauncil to maintain Adyghe language as the
second official language of the republic.

This Council is intended a somewhat scientific office to support every initiative or
recommendation worth of considering to maintain and boost Adyghe
language, one of the endangered languages sentenced to extinction.

The Council will promote Adyghe language as a functional official language
in the office procedures, public and cultural life.

Public organizations concern was caused by demographic situation in
the republic when the indigenous people, the Adyghes, being a minority
had been almost absorbed by the outnumbered population that are
pouring into the republic the last decade from the former Soviet
Union. Eventually, Adyghe language, unable to compete any more with
the Russian-speaking culture becomes less in use.

Laurece Khakuzh, Adygheiya Caucasus Times

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