President Sovement wishes favorable outcome in the Abkhazian vote

ADYGEIYA, September 18, Caucasus Times, – A commentary of Adygea’s President Khazret Sovemen on upcoming October presidential election in Abkhazia has been issued September 17 by his press office and published in local media. The election results in the seceded republic of Georgia most likely will have an effect on the situation in the Caucasus as the Abkhazian-Georgian conflict is far from resolving. Mr. Sovemen underscored the importance of favorable outcome in the vote for the Adyghe people ethnically related to Abkhazians.

In his commentary Adygea’s President said the acting prime minister Raul Hajimba would be the best choice for the people of Abkhazia. This potential political figure being elected in Mr. Sovemen’s opinion might have played a significant role. “I am sure R. Hajimba will be striving for peace and succeed in solving a long-standing economical crises in Abkhazia, ” Mr. Sovemen’s press office quoted him as saying.

Earlier, President Sovemen has met with Abkhazian authorities while visiting the republic late August with his friend the major of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov.

Larisa Hakouz, Caucasus Times, Maikop

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