President of Adygeya is in favor of second presidential race in Abkhazia

ADYGEIYA, December, 3, Caucasus Times, – Appearing on the regional television station channel President Khazret Sovemen commented on the political crisis in Abkhazia, which ensued after the recent presidential election in the breakaway republic. His statement followed the decision of Russian authorities to close the railroad between Russia and Abkhazia, as of December 2, Caucasus Times correspondent reports.

“Abkhazia today is facing its most difficult political crisis, brought about by the recent presidential elections. I consider the election results invalid, as neither of the candidates, according to the results of the vote, could claim the presidential office and would not have become the legitimate president for all people of Abkhazia. It seems to me, that Abkhaz people will have to go back, as it were, to “ground zero” and repeat the runoff election so that no one could ever doubt the legitimacy of the elected president,” President Sovemen of Adygeya was quoted as saying.

Dinara Yemizh, Caucasus Times, Maykop

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