President of Adygea visits Abkhazia

ADYGEA, August 6, Caucasus Times – Yesterday, August 5, the President of Adygeiya Khazret Sovemen has arrived to Abkhazia for a day official visit by the invitation of the republic’s authorities.

The program and schedule of the visit was planned back in July, press-secretary of Adygea’s President Abrek Chich said in his interview with CT correspondent.President Sovemen’s visit to Abkhazia intended to encourage mutual cooperation of the two republics is based on the Friendship and CooperationTreaty, 1996. During his stay Mr. Sovemen is scheduled to meet with Abkhazia’s authorities to get more intormation about economic and political situation in the republic, the official said. He emphasized the visit was not linked with the tense situation around Abkhazia ensued as a result of the recent Georgia’s ‘shoot-and-sink’threats.

Traditionally close cooperation between Adygea and Abkhazia is accounted for ethnic affinity of the Adyghe and Abkhaz people. Adygea supply Abkhazia with agricultural products, medicines, equipment. Many invalids and orphans, the victims of the Georgia-Abkhazia war conflict, come to Adygea for medical treatment and psychological rehabilitation. Abkhazian youths get education in educational institutions in Maikop, Adygea.

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