Prague-based web site links hacker attack to coverage of Chechnya

Prague, 28 April, Caucasus Times- The information-analytical web site Caucasus Times came under a purposeful hacker attack by unidentified miscreants in the afternoon of 26 April. Since April 2003, the Caucasus Times has covered in real time events unfolding in the North Caucasus.

The wrongdoers failed to hack the server completely because the protection system detected partial penetration on time, – the Czech Internet provider company which operates the server of Caucasus Times – told the founder and editor of the web site, Islam Tekushev. Currently, the site is inaccessible from the Internet because login and password for
network access to the site are being changed. In all, 17,200 reports were posted on the site when the attack occurred. All the reports have been saved and will become accessible in next 24 hours.

In the opinion of the staff of the Caucasus Times, the attack on the web site has to do with its immediate activities on covering painful topics for the Russian leadership such as the spread of the Chechen conflict to other regions in Russia’s south.

The Caucasus Times Editor Islam Tekushev

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