Peace March proceeds in Ingushetia

INGUSHETIA, OCTOBER 13, Caucasus Times – Covering over sixty miles the participants of peaceful manifestation “No hot spots in the Caucasus” dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the victory over Nazis arrived yesterday in Ingushetia.

Over a hundred public organizations of Russia and CIS countries have been represented in the Peace March. The participants rallied at the Plaza of Consent in the center of Nazran city to hold a solidarity meeting with inhabitants of Ingushetia and lay flowers at the Memorial of Glory.
Among the cosponsors of the march that started twenty days ago in Moscow were Trade Union of servicemen, the Russian committee of solders’ mothers, the Heroes of the Soviet Union Association Russia’s Azerbaijan Congress and other public organizations. The purpose of the action was to remind Russian people and CIS citizens of the brotherhood of the peoples of Caucasus during the World War II that contributed to the victory over Nazis.

“Over 10 years the Caucasus has been a place of dissension, interethnic conflicts and bloody wars. Our objective today is to urgent all peoples of the Caucasus to put an end to enmity, conflicts, to sit down to negotiate and resolve the conflicts,” the head of the Peace March Vladimir Vahaniya was quoted as saying. “We just wanted to explain there was nothing good in the wars except deaths and destructions. Today we need to forget all resentments and conflicts and to recollect the best traditions of friendship and strong cohesion the peoples had in the war with Nazis. Hopefully, the march will help to ease somehow the tension between the peoples in the region,” Mr.Vananiya said.

The demonstrators started out today heading for Vladikavkaz, Chechnya, Dagestan to finish Georgia, where a conference “For peaceful resolution of conflicts in the Caucasus” will be held. Moscow was planned to be the final point in the march.

Malika Bagayeva, Caucasus Times

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