Moscow office chief of “Al Arabia” satellite television network arrested at the airport

STAVROPOL TERRITORY, September 10, Caucasus Times – Moscow office chief of Arab satellite television network has been detained at the “Mineral Waters” airport in Stavropol Territory. The journalist face charges of bearing weapon.

Security officers detained Mr. Amr Abdul Hamid and confiscated several cartridges for Kalashikov assault rifle. Case is open, under investigation, said one of the officers in his interview with Caucasus Times correspondent.

Meanwhile, Oleg Panfilov, director of Extreme journalism center told Caucasus Times correspondent Mr. Amr Abdul Hamid released September 8, faced charges of illegal keeping of ammunition. Mr. Panfilov quoted Arab journalist as saying the cartridges had obviously been planted at “Poliet” hotel in Beslan.

The Moscow office chief of “Al Arabia” television network was arrested late Monday on his way back from Beslan where his team was covering hostage taking tragedy in North Ossetia.

Mariya Voloshina, Caucasus Times, Stavropol

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