Members of the Agrarian Party are picketing government building in the Adygean capital Maikop

ADYGEA, 3 March, Caucasus Times. Press secretary of the election headquorter of the Russian Agrarian Party in Adygea Svetlana Vovchenko told that hundreds of people are taking part in picketing the building of the Adygean government in the republican capital Maikop.

In her words, picketing was organized by the regional branch of the Agrarian Party of Russia. More than one thousand people including the members of the Communist Party, Russian Industrial Party and “Rodina” Party took part in this protest action.

Svetlana Vovchenko indicated that the main reason for picketing was decision made by the Supreme Court of Adygea on 27 February this year to cancel registration of the list of the Russian Agrarian Party candidates for the upcoming republican parliamentary elections. List of candidates included 33 names.

In the meantime, republican Interior Ministry estimated the number of the participants of the protest action at around 300. Picketing was allowed by the local authorities. No violations of legal regulations have been reported. Elections to the parliament of Adygea are scheduled for 12 March.

Aslan Shazzo, Maikop, Caucasus Times

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