Locals rallied to demand that President of the republic step down

INGUSHETIA, March 28, Caucasus Times – Several dozens of local people rallied in Nazran at the site of the monument of victims of Communist rule to demand that the president of Ingushetia step down. The protesters also spoke out for incorporation of Prigorodny district of North Ossetia into Ingushetia, Caucasus Times reports.

The political petition, according to leaders of “Ahki Yurt” public organization, who rallied Ingushi refugees from North Ossetia, is based on the Nazran district court’s ruling of December last year. Local judges prescribed to enact the law that would annul the border between North Ossetia and Ingushetia and incorporation of Prigorodny district into the territory of North Ossetia. There were sixty thousand Ingushi residents in the district back in 1992 when an interethnic conflict broke out.

The Interfax agency quoted President Ziazikov of Ingushetia as saying “the republic’s authorities would thwart the plans to destabilize the situation in the republic.

Caucasus Times

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