Locals of Khasavyurt district unblock “Kavkaz” federal expressway

DAGESTAN, December 24, Caucasus Times – Inhabitants of Khasavyurt district who had cordoned off the federal thruway since Thursday to protest against abduction of several villagers left the scene today. However, the people have warned they would resume their protest action at the plaza of Khasavyurt next Thursday.

The move of the people, according to organizers of the action, was intended to draw attention of public and law-enforcement agencies to the case of abduction of ten villagers of Endrei, Aktash, Hamavyurt and Pokrovskoye. The locals were said to have been taken away by some uniformed gunmen, who had police documents. The abducted people’s whereabouts still are not known.

According to the Interior Ministry officials the men were seized by bandits who most likely had phony police ID’s, while the people maintain the police squad detained the men as suspected insurgents or their accomplices. The protesters had been picketing the road to express their protest several week ago.

Local authorities and the police officials had several meetings with the people to urge them to unblock the thruway. The road is unblocked; the problem has not yet been solved.

Rashid Kaplanov, Dagestan, Caucasus Times

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