Local lawmakers vote for Putin’s overhaul of political system

ADYGEIYA, October 20, Caucasus Times, – Local lawmakers gathered at a session of both houses of regional parliament yesterday to have considered President Putin’s proposals to renovated election legislation giving him the authority to nominate regional governors.

The concept of the bill has been approved as a whole. However, the overwhelming majority of lawmakers believe the regions’ legislatures might have the same right to recommend Russian President their candidates for further nomination as well as the appointment of other key figures for the regional executive powers.

Besides, the legislators of Adygeya offered other proposals to amend electoral legislation. They suggest the president of Russia may discharge regional governor if local parliaments will have impeached him. The lawmakers offered federal legislation to be amended to regulate the process of dissolution of regional parliaments by the country’s leader.

The President of Adygeya Hazret Sovement took part in the session of Khasse, the parliament.

Dinara Yemizh, Caucasus Times, Maykop

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