Leaders of South Federal Region republics meet in Maikop

ADYGEA, August 10, Caucasus Times – Yesterday, Russian President’s representative to the South Federal district Vladimir Yakovlev had a meeting with the governors of South Region republics in Maykop. The top officials were considering the harvest gathered in the season, the problems local municipal services might face before upcoming winter and the development of recreational resources and resorts in the region.

The total amount of the crop gathered this season in the south of Russia surpassed the last year harvest making up 23,5 million of tons (against 16 millions). Summarizing the results, Vladimir Yakovlev has designated the establishment of regional grain fund and stock exchange as the priority for the regional governments.

As to the common problem of the regional municipal services, the debts for supplied energy sources turning out to be a heavy burdern that keeps down any progress of the branch, the heads of the republic came to understanding that the problem should be solved by the federal government.

Later, the governors continued discussing other problems, including the situation in Chechnya but behind closed doors.

Caucasus Times

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