Ingushetia’s Nazran refugees camp being ‘sweep up’ by Russian ‘force’ agencies resulted in nine detainees

Ingushetia’s Interior Ministry’s Saturday reported the police searched
three cars parked on the camp territory and detected inside them two
handmade devices for a portable two-way radio, two assault rifles, two
magazines for Stechkin hand-gun and a few grenades.

The policemen claimed the detainees were suspected of allegedly participating in
illegal armed groups in Chechnya. According to recent June 12 report
the ‘force’ masked uniformed agents had been ‘sweeping up’ the Chechen
refugees camp ‘Tanzila’ (in a desolated building once a cafeteria) for
almost two hours while the witnesses said an agent videotaped the

There were four men detained by ‘force’ agents, namely
Sambayev Rustam and Elikhanov Imran, drivers who parked their vehicles
at the camp close by as well as two locals of the settlement, Gaisumov
Kura, 47 and Kharon Yasayev, the 11th grader in a local school. The
latter, Kharon had had his final tests in school that day and at the
moment of detainment went outdoors with a container in hands to get
some water. Another five men happened to be at the site, passers-by,
and were detained as well.

The representatives of non-governmental
human rights organizations repeatedly expressed their concerns on
illegal abuses, arbitrary rules, carried out by ‘force’ agencies
personnel regularly ‘sweeping up’ refugees camps in Ingushetia. The
Regional Public Organization “Chechen Committee for National
Salvation” prepared a statement to appeal to the world and Russian
community on the issue.

Malika Bagayeva, Ingushetia Caucasus Times

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