Ingushetia tent camps pull down began

On September 2 about 4 a. m. (L.T.) a crew of workers began
dismantling gas pipeline on the territory of ‘Bela’ tent camp in
Sunzhensky district of Ingushetia. As of now more than 100 meters of
gas pipes have already been disassembled.

The Ingushetia authorities and the Russian Migration Service give
contradictory commentaries on the issue.

The administration of the district pardoned the action since it is
inexpedient “maintain the tent town with gas and other facilities for
only 700 residents in the camp. The officials were quoted as saying,
they had recommended the refugees to move to another camps in
Ingushetia with their tents to settle down there.

On August 1, this year, the first deputy director of the Russian
Federal Migration Service Mr. Yunash issued a directive, which says
“the ‘Bella’ camp is to be dismantle due to inadequacy of living
conditions for residents to stay there during the fall-winter season,
as well as to prevent the fire, damages, infections”

However, the local watchdogs and the refugees suspect the authorities
have prepared further troubles so they are ready for the worst events.
“They just want to force us out of Ingushetia,” says Timiyeva Zargan,
a resident of ‘Bella’ camp. “Actually, they do all this under
different plausible excuses”.

“As yet, I have not heard any satisfactory argument on the issue,”
noted Ruslan Badalov, the leader of the Chechen Committee for National
Salvation. “What’s the good of that removal? Aren’t the residents
going to consume gas or other facilities in the tent camps they would
be relocated to? It turns to be an absurd. On the other hand, the
authorities pretended they cared about the health of locals but in
fact the administration did not even supply the refugees to be
displaced with new tents.”

Malika Suleymenova, Ingushetia Caucasus Times

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