Ingush students of Ossetia University to continue education elsewhere in Russia

INGUSHETIA, to October 29, Caucasus Times – At least twenty Ingush students of North Ossetian University will be transferred to other educational institutions elsewhere in Russian regions, Caucasus Times correspondent reports citing the regional committee on refugees and temporary displaced persons. The committee’s officials said that after the massacre in Beslan principals of University had offered twenty Ingush students either to transfer to other high schools of the country or to not attend classes till the situation was resolved in North Ossetia. Eighteen Ingush students have not attended classes at the educational institution thus far.

The problem is being solved by Ingusheia’s officials. “As far as know, several students have been transferred to universities in the neighboring regions where they could continue their high education,” chairman of the State Committee on refugees said in his interview with Caucasus Times correspondent.

Malika Bagayeva, Caucasus Times

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