Gas main blows up, authorities do not rule out terror attack

DAGESTAN, December, 9, Caucasus Times, – The explosion came yesterday at about 10 p. m. in the vicinities of Makhachkalaon. A damaged section of the Mozdok-Kazimagomed major pipeline blew up causing a huge fire. Very soon the height of the flame reached 50 meters, Caucasus Times reports citing the regional Emergency Situations service.

There were twenty one victims, who reportedly had suffered burns of different degrees in the gas explosion, the Ministry said, largely among local people of the town of Semender located nearby and two workers of the emergency service. The people were injured when they approached the site at the moment the leaked gas detonated second time. The firemen brigades arrived at the scene but had to wait for at least two hours until the gas was cut off. The fire was put out at about 1 a. m. Maintenance workers said the gas main would be ready by Saturday. Until that day gas supply to Azerbaijan will be limited.

Authorities did not rule out the explosion of the gas main might have been caused by a “subversive action”. Law enforcement agencies will investigate further into the case.

Rashid Kaplanov, Caucasus Times, Makhachkala

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