Dear readers!

Surely you have been cases when the media called you outrage biased coverage of the events were witnessed by you personally.

For example, the Constitution of the Caucasian republics, without exception, say that building a legal democratic society.

If so, then the path to democracy is through building civil society, respect for human rights and freedoms.

However, virtually every day we are faced with a return to daily life.

Each of us understands that to build a democratic society without freedom of expression and respect for human rights is not possible, and a free press is the main tool in the process of building a democratic society in any country.

Therefore, we, as an independent media, whose main task is to provide our readers an accurate, unbiased, timely and accessible information will be happy to take information from you about the events, the witness whom were you personally, and who, due to various reasons, have been omitted or distorted by the local media.

Write to us about what you saw, how and where it happened.