Farmers do not repay credits

ADYGEA, August 13, Caucasus Times, – Yesterday, President Sovemen had a meeting with the Cabinet to discuss with his ministers the results of the season harvest. Khazret Sovemen expressed his displeasure, reprimanding the heads of districts administrations for their job fulfilling the President’s decree.

Signed shortly before the harvest the decree was intended to encourage the agricultural producers to store 100% of harvested corn in the state granary, elevators to repay the government credit. The president wanted better marketing, to boost prices to help farmers to gain reasonable returns from their crops. The president and the government invested a lot in this harvest allocating 300 million rubles of credits to stimulate agricultural industry in the republic. As a result the farmers harvested over 320 metric tons of corn, the unprecedented harvest for the last 15 years.

Nevertheless, farmers and large corn producers reluctantly repay the credit. So far only 51% of credits have been repaid.

Caucasus Times

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