Famous Maikop Bronze Age Culture Burial Mounds Are Reportedly Endangered

This was reported at a press-conference Friday by the Department for monitoring and preserving historical sites representatives who at that added all ancient historical structures in Adygeiya are being endangered due to economical activity.

According to the participants of the conference the burial mounds complex appeared to be just about 300 meters from a logging activities area.

The concerned scholars insisted on preventive measures to be carried out to preserve this historical site, to keep it from being damaged by vandals and robbers.

An official representative of the department complained his office could hardly accomplish these objectives since there were only 8 employees working in the department.

As he said, the authorities should be more persistent in carrying out certain measures at that systematically propagate the cause informing people those ancient historical sites are of great importance for the republic and the world community as well.

There were several concerned persons at the conference including G. Pribilov, a school teacher, Aslan Tuov, an archeologist and scholar of the National Museum of Adygiya, and Tsypinov, a co-administrator of the department for preserving historical sites.
The burial mounds complex of Maikop Bronze Age culture dated back 2-3 thousands years B.C. had been discovered by G. Pribilov nearby Aninovka River in the vicinity of Kamenomostsky village in 1999.

Some scientists believe the so-called Maikop culture could be linked with Hattu culture, which dominated in Asia Minor before Indo-European Hittites invaded the region. Eventually, the Hattus disappeared from the scene living slight but distinct traces in the language of Adyghe (Circassian) and Abkhaz people.

Laurece Khakuzh, Adygheiya Caucasus Times

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