Ethnic Adyghes would be willing to stay, authorities refuse

ADYGEYA, to October 12, Caucasus Times, – The republic’s visas and registration office recently has refused to grant three persons residents permit in Adyghea. The Adyghe repatriates, who came to their homeland to stay and get resident permit, were turned down due to the quota limited at fifty persons to be admitted to the republic this year.
Three men, Refat Hakun from Syria, Mustafa Cherimit (Turkey) and Zacaria Bzhadugh (Israel) has appealed to President Khazret Sovemen of Adygea for aid, Caucasus Times correspondent reports citing the repatriates’ letter, “to restore ethnic Adyghes to their rights allowing them to return to their homeland, Adygeiya,” the letter reads. The refusal to grant resident permit came in spite of the fact that all procedures according to local legislation had been completed, the repatriates said.
The Caucasus Times correspondent quoted Mugdin Tlemeshok, the chief of visa and registration office of Interior Ministry as saying “the maximum number of people that may be admitted to the republic this year was put at fifty persons.” The quota is far less than it was last year when the number was put at 300. However, quota is expected to be higher next year at least twice as much. Those who failed to be admitted to the republic in 2004 would most likely get the permit next year. As to the advantages to be given to ethnic Adyghe repatriates to settle in the republic, I think, other nationals may have the same right to live in the republic,” Mr. Tlemeshok said.

Dinara Yemizh, Caucasus Times, Maykop

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