Chechen reporter wins prize in contest of Russian journalists

CHECHNYA, December 30, Caucasus Times- Zarema Aslakhanova, a Chechen journalist working for the Chechen state-run television channel was conferred a prize for the second place she had won in a completion of Russian mass media employees in Rostov-on-Don.

Zarema was awarded for her coverage of the life of common people of Braguni village inhabited by scores of nationalities. There are the Chechens, Nogais, Russians and other ethnic groups in Braguni. Her report, the jury said, vividly showed the tolerance, humanity and friendship of the village locals who had been living side by side during the recent bloodshed wars in the republic. There have never been any racial or religious conflict in the time of tribulation between the locals. We are just happy about her success,” an employee of the Chechen television station was quoted as saying.

Ruslanbek Dudayev, Groznyy, Caucasus Times

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