Chechen refugees protesting disappearance of civilians in Ingushetia

Before noon of August 25, Chechen refugees started protest action in Ordjonikidzevskaya village of Sunzha district of Ingushetia.

At 10 a. m. the Chechen residents of displaced persons camp stopped traffic on the ‘Caucasus’ highway at the administrative border of Chechnya and Ingushetia. The protesters demand to find and to release 5 young people detained by the Russian militaries in a local polyclinic on August 21.

There are about 200 Chechen refugees who joined the demonstration. The protesters are the residents of several tent camps, such as ‘Bela’, ‘Satsyta’, ‘Satellite’ and ‘Alina’ in the vicinity of Ordgonikidzevskaya village as well as locals of Nestervoskaya.

“We demand the authorities of Russia, Chechnya, Ingushetia, to find and to return our abducted children,” said a local woman, whose relative, Idygov was among the detainees. “As the Russian authorities remain blind to the violations of human rights perpetrated by the soldiers, the Russian militaries transferred a terror and violence
practice on the territory of Ingushetia. Such abuses were not common for the republic lately but now the task agents launch sweeps on a weekly bases, conducting extrajudicial detaining and searches. This must be stopped now.”

The protesters have some posters with the names of the abducted young men with massages “Bring our sons back!”, “Stop the terror!” etc. “If our children are guilty,” a father of a detainee said, “let them be judged according to the laws, and we will not object it. But when the so called law-enforcement agents grabbed and abducted the innocent
people the way they did it the turn to be criminals, bandits themselves who must be hold accountable for that”.

The administration of Sunzha district said they did not sanctioned the demonstration. “Since no request was submitted to authorities to carry out the action it turns out illegitimate as it is,” said an employee of the administration.

Ruslan Adayev, Ingushetia Caucasus Times

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