“Avtodor” refugee camp residents remain in trouble

The situation in the refugee camp remains uneasy so far, while representatives of the ‘Avtodor’ enterprise where the tent camp is located, are trying to squeeze the residents out the territory.

Just the other day, Khazbulat Sultygove, the lower of ‘Avtodor’ company visited the camp with another threats to force the people out. According to them Sultygov and Ruslan (the man whose three little children tragically died when a tent caught fire) had a quarrel, which could end up with a serious fight.

The next day a police team arrived to the camp but eventually retreated after they talked to people.

Nevertheless, in recent days as the refugees asserted, the pressure on the them continued. On August 14, an asphalt roller started leveling the territory. “Lately, someone bombarded our tents with rocks,” complains Aliyeva Asiet, a resident of the camp. “And at nights several cars arrive and start moving around the camp territory signaling to each other intentionally disturbing sleeping people. I do not know, what next, but we are not ready to move out yet, just
because many have nowhere to go”.

The refugees have sent a letter to Ingushetia’s president, Mr. Ziyazikov begging him for help.

Malika Bagayeva, Ingushetia Caucasus Times

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