Authorities to crack down on illegal foreign labor force

DAGESTAN, October 13, Caucasus Times – The regional government is taking under control foreign workforce in the republic, the official press service told Caucasus Times correspondent. To regulate the flowing of foreign workers into the republic the governmental has established ad hoc committee charged with a task of supervising the employers who hire foreign workers. Since now, the employers have to submit applications to be considered by the committee, which will decide the maximum number of foreign workers to be admitted to the republic. The workforce quota should be approved by federal agencies to grant resident permit on the territory of the republic.

The authorities believe the measure will help to control the illegal immigration and foreign labor force in Dagestan. Recently, thousands of aliens had come to the republic employed by local businessmen. The Interior Ministry officials said law enforcement officers had recently inspected several enterprises and revealed many foreign employees staying without any documents or registration. The foreign workers, or so-called “gastarbeiters,” coming to the republic are largely the citizens of Transcaucasia countries, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Rashid Kaplanov, Makhachkala, Caucasus Times

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