Authorities keep opposition press media down

ADYGEIYA, November 12, Caucasus Times, – Since August this year an independent newspaper “01-Region” has been suing the state publishing and printing enterprise “Adygeya,” the monopoly controlling printing service in the republic.

In recent three months the newspaper is being published outside the republic because Aslan Bezrukov, the director of the printing firm and a deputy of local parliament has refused to publish the newspaper in Maikop, though the life of contract will expire in December, Caucasus Times quoted the newspaper editor-in-chief Tatiyana Solovey as saying. As of now the Court of arbitration of Adygeya has been considering the newspaper’s claim. During preliminary hearing of the breach of contract case Mr. Bezrukov offered shortage of capacity at the firm as a pretext for breaking the contract, but that was not proved in the court, Mrs. Solovey said. “A true reason to cancel the contract was an instruction given to Mr. Bezrukov by the government officials, the editor-in-chief was quoted as saying.

There were several cases in the republic recently when Mr. Bezrukov had annulled contracts with two local opposition newspapers, the Communist party’s “Adygeyskaya Pravda” and “Zakubaniye” of the Slavs Union, most likely obeying the authorities’ will.

Dinara Yemizh, Caucasus Times, Maykop

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