Authorities close schools and kindergartens in the republic

KARACHAI-CHERKESSIA, February 8, Caucasus Times – In the recent days the southern Russia’s provinces have been chilled by severe cold, quite unusual for the North Caucasus region. The republic’s authorities ordered to close several schools and kindergartens in Karachai-Cherkessia, Caucasus Times correspondent reports citing the regional department of the federal energy supply agency.

The fuel shortage in the republic compelled the authorities to close the educational institutions, Yelena Pokrovksaya, the department spokeswoman was quoted as saying. The boiler stations operators at the schools have to practice economy just to maintain the heating system working leaving the classrooms almost frosted, Mrs. Pokrovskaya said.

“The effects of fuel shortage were felt largely in the three districts of the republic. The situation with fuel supply in other regions of the republic is quite normal. The offices and educational institutions are opened,” Mrs. Pokrovskaya was quoted as saying.

Caucasus Times

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