Authorities and public committee begin issuing compensatory money to victims of Beslan school siege

NORTH OSSETIA, December 2, Caucasus Times – The government of the republic has started issuing payments to families of victims of the Beslan tragedy. In the horrific terror attack at least 330 people died, nearly half of them children.

Over one billion rubles (roughly about $357 million) of the charity fund intended for victims of Beslan terror act would be distributed among their families, Caucasus Times correspondent quoted Jeanne Gasiyeva, deputy minister of social security as saying.

The compensatory money will be paid out under control of the public committee formed by the people of Beslan, relatives of the victims and approved by the republic’s government.

A family will be paid one million rubles for each died member, and 700 thousand rubles for each gravely wounded, 500 thousand for serious injuries, the rest will get 350 thousand rubles. “We’ve just began issuing payments and as of now 250 families of victims have been paid the money,” Mrs. Gasiyeva said.

Asiyat Sagmatova, Vladykavkaz, Caucasus Times

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