Adygeya’s President contributes for victims of the Beslan tragedy

ADYGEIYA, September 27, Caucasus Times, – President Sovemen is going to contribute $35.000 of his own money for the victims of Beslan school siege. At least each former hostage will get $344.

Mr. Sovemen speaking at the meeting with the cabinet of his ministers September 27 said the sum of money would be transferred after the number of former hostages was verified.

Former director of “Polus” (Pole), the biggest gold mining company in Russia Mr. Sovemen was said to have been the owner of assets estimated at $420 million, according to Russian copy of “Forbes.” He has appeared lately on the list of the 100 richest men in Russia holding the 56th place.

Larisa Hakouz, Caucasus Times, Maykop

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