Adygea shows economic growth but falls back with the lowest salary in the southern Russia

ADYGEYA, October 6, Caucasus Times, – The republic has been reportedly leading in the southern Russia showing high rate of economic growth. Adygea however, falls back with one of the lowest salary rates among other regions in the North Caucasus, let alone Dagestan, the republic’s minister on economic development and trade Aslan Tamov told Caucasus Times correspondent.

In the first eight month this year, the industrial output has increased to 20%, according to Mr. Tamov, in comparison with the same period of late year though the real incomes of local population had considerably decreased lately making the average salary (4.300 rubles or $148/month) one of the lowest in the South Federal District. People in villages are paid monthly about $76, the employees of public health services, education and culture institutions receive something like $90-100, workers at municipal service offices have at least 3.615 rubles or $124 per month. The employees of local banks, credit organizations, pension funds are leading with the salary $342.

Dinara Yemizh, Caucasus Times, Maykop

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