According to Chechen President, kidnapping should be stopped in Chechnya

CHECHNYA, 28 February, Caucasus Times. Chechen President Alu Alkhanov told that putting an end to kidnapping in Chechnya is a key priority. “Our primary goal now is to prevent and to put an end to such crimes in Chechen Republic”, – Alkhanov emphasized during his press conference in Moscow.

In Alkhanov’s words, number of kidnapping and other grave crimes is down in Chechnya. At the same time, he stressed that kidnapping of even one person is a tragedy for this person’s family and relatives. Chechen President mentioned that the problems of human rights had been discussed during recent visits of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Luisa Arbur and Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe Alvaro Hil-Robles to Chechnya.

“I am saying that we don’t deny cases of crimes and abuses committed by some representatives of the law enforcement agencies”, – Alkhanov said. At the same time, he noticed that last year number of such crimes is down.

Caucasus Times

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