A woman has been killed in the course of the special operation of the law-enforcement agencies in Dagestan

DAGESTAN, 1 February, Caucasus Times. Press service of the Russian Interior Ministry told that according to the local law-enforcement agencies five members of the illegal armed group and one woman have been killed in the course of the special operation held in the city of Hasavyurt in Dagestan.

“On Biibulatov street in one of the households rebels who resorted to armed resistance have been blocked. In the course of the special operation 25-year old resident of Chechnya – so called “emir” of Gudermes district and his wife have been shot dead in the exchange of fire”, – press release says.

Earlier representatives of the law-enforcement agencies asserted that during a special operation in Hasavyurt last weekend five rebels have been killed. According to this information, one of the killed militants – Lechi Eskiev, commander of the northern front of Ichkerian armed forces, was so called emir of the three disctricts in Chechnya – Shelkovskoy, Naurskiy and Nadterechny. Also, in the words of the press service, among the killed militants one person was identified as Nouzov, who used to be responsible for the finances of the illegal armed groups operating in Northern Chechnya and in Dagestan.

During the operation, one militiaman has been wounded in the leg.

Kalashnikov submachine-gun, two home-made grenades and two home-made explosive devices with remote control have been confiscated from the place of the operation.

Two private households have also been damaged during the special operation.

Caucasus Times

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