A wanted kidnapper killed and two victims wounded in a firefight

INGUSHETIA, October 20, Caucasus Times – On October 17, at 4 p. m. a joint team of the republic police and Russian task police had spotted a suspect car without license plates near Kantyshevo village of Nazran district, the Caucasus Times correspondent reported citing a source in the Interior Ministry of Ingushetia. The wanted suspect, Hasan Garakov was charged of kidnapping.

According to the source, the suspect being netted returned fire at the police patrol and was killed in the firefight. Two persons were suffered several gunshot wounds, a policeman and a bystander, 35-year-old local man.

The police discovered guns and munitions in the car of the killed alleged kidnapper, an assault rifle and a pistol with rounds, an RPG, nine grenades assault rifle launcher and a bayonet.

Case is open, under investigation.

Malika Suleymenova, Caucasus Times, Ingushetia

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