A deputy of local parliament to bring a suit in Strasbourg

INGUSHETIA, August 13, Caucasus Times – Musa Ozdoyev, the deputy of Public Assembly of Ingushetia, local parliament, is about to sue electoral commission of Ingushetia for fraud and abuses during the last year vote in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, said the deputy’s assistant in his interview with Caucasus Times correspondent.

On July 28, the Supreme Court of Russian Federation dismissed the appeal of Mr. Ozdoyev and Ziazikov Musa, Dadarov Temur, Khizir Dzangiyev to annul the results of December 7 vote last year. “We are going to uphold democratic principals and law, now in Strasbourg because the Russian Supreme Court dismissed the case without considering the scores of facts of voting frauds and other abuses in December vote saying those claims were just valid.”

Earlier, the Supreme Court of Republic Ingushetia also dismissed the appeal of Mr. Ozdoyev to annul the results of December vote. In his application the deputy asserted voting frauds and abuses at more than 40 polls registered by observers representing candidates and political parties. However, the court ruled the plaintiff’s case was untenable.

Caucasus Times

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